Why I don’t sell Young Living

But I do. Don’t I?

I am certainly a member. I will sure help you get your own membership or talk your ear off once I know you…but I don’t sell MLM products.

I highly recommend some amazing products from Young Living that have been wonderful, natural alternatives in my life. But I don’t sell anything.

I don’t have time.

Rule #1 broken – being a member of any multi level marketing group you know- There’s always time! The 5 minutes in the bathroom stall at work to message someone about a sale. The last hour before bed instead of watching TV. Get up a half hour early to set up MailChimp for the monthly promotion.

I’ve done those things. I still message people when something relative pops up. I send out emails every couple, few months. I still share about my love of essential oils. But I don’t do any of it as much as I used to. Only a year ago when I had a business coach I was connecting with my “business” regularly. Then guess what? My world changed. Then you know what?? A pandemic hit so my world changed AGAIN. At first you would think I must have had time to build my business through that! Online was, and still is, the place to order up your goods! So many people I know got to build their side hustle during this time and that’s great!!! Not me. I stayed at work the entire time, worked overtime when I was able and tried to hold my shit together in the world of essential services as a front line employee. I most certainly used many of these products during stressful times to help sleep, to help calm my nerves and many other things but I didn’t post about it. Why not?? Isn’t that what I’m supposed to do?? I was too damn tired. Too damn sore to give a rats ass to be honest. Bled dry of all my energy each and every day. But if I ran into you and you asked me what I use to calm my cat down I sure as hell will tell you ALL about it.

I’m still here making a ton of my own daily use things like moisturizer, sun spray and bug spray and will continue to share them when I remember or when you ask! This is how I show up for my business right now because that is the path I’m on and I’m ok with it. 💚 I have had to learn that it’s ok and I’m not letting myself (or anyone else) down. I like where I have gotten to in the last year so I’m not going to panic. I’ve definitely learned that doesn’t do anyone any good either.

Essentially Me. 🌿

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