Why are we afraid of plants?!

We don’t flinch at products that are considered “normal” and harm ourselves with chemicals every single day. From our dish soap, perfume, laundry detergents and room sprays; we are unknowingly causing damage to our bodies, our systems and our lives. 
These products are on television, in the most popular magazines and on the radio TELLING us they are safe to use because they can be purchased at your local store.
That’s how our brains work.
That’s why I say convenience is killing us. 
Then someone hears you say you use Tea Tree oil on your paper cuts and suddenly you are being mocked, harassed and pushed down because Tea Tree oil is harmful and will kill your pets!!!!! Come on people! Using essential oils has been around far longer than any Mr Clean products and guess what? The ingredients in Mr Clean products are so ridiculously toxic to you AND your pets AND your children that there is no way it should be legally sold. But it’s on TV! There’s ads in the newspaper! That’s called green washing and it’s been happening for hundreds of years. It is how we are controlled by large corporations. They train us to spend our money on their pretty products. 
Is Tea Tree harmful? It can be if you aren’t careful. I don’t use it when my cat is around. The smell won’t hurt her, but I like to be safe. If I use it on a paper cut I don’t go to pet her straight away. It’s common sense really. Do you scrub your bathtub with Clorox with a child or pet in the room?? Probably. Do you pet your dog right after or during because they come in to see what your doing? Most likely. We don’t think twice about it then because our brains are trained to think there is no concern. Yet there are articles coming out on how cleaning products have done more damage to women than smoking. 
And that is WRONG.
It’s not easy to look for and find options other than the ones rammed down your throat by big pharma, it’s not easy going against the grain. It IS easy do some research and use your spending as your voice. It IS easy to read the labels and if those words aren’t easy to understand..PUT IT DOWN!! Find an alternative. 
Plants should never be our enemy, they are mostly misunderstood. 
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