The Holiday Catalog and it’s Distraction from the Winter Blues.

As I grip my cup of steaming Thieves tea and listen to the radio this morning I realize it’s here. Winter. The first snowfall happened and it’s a mess out there. Hours sitting in vehicles bumper to bumper, not moving. Frustration and the feeling of the winter blahs creeps into your bones. This is when I work even harder on my wellness. We now have less sunlight shining on our faces, less absorption of natural vitamin d, less activities to get outside for that make us happy (summer slow pitch) rather than frustrated (shoveling daily) and more of all the things that make us curl up and hibernate.

So instead of focusing on the blues, let’s focus on all the good ways to celebrate our health this winter! Starting with the 2019 Holiday catalog from Young Living!! It is amazing! From seasonal scented hand soaps for your home to the perfect gift for just about anyone on your shopping list, it is super easy to add some therapeutic benefits to your products this year!!


Take a look at all the wonderful new items this season right here: Holiday Catalog

Plus this month being a member really has some great advantages! November is Young Living’s “Season of Self Care” so it’s even easier adding to your wellness regime for free with the rewards program!


Lavender isn’t just amazing for it’s healing properties and calming values, it keeps the scent of summer alive! So does Grapefruit! I add it to my water making staying hydrated healthier and delicious! Thieves is a staple immune boosting oil that has multiple uses in this house. Digize during the holidays helps ease ANY full bellies and Peace & Calming to help keep your shit together through it all! I use it in my car diffuser during these horrible winter commutes!!

My advice today?? Get off the roads, bundle up with a Peppermint hot chocolate and do some of your Christmas shopping. Winter is here. Let’s embrace it with health.

Essentially Me.


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