Wellness. Means More Than Your Yearly Check-up.

I grew up when wellness wasn’t really talked about, at least not in my circle. We went to the doctor when there was a reason, he gave us stuff to fix what ailed us. When I was a kid I didn’t care what that stuff was, I wanted to feel better. That’s it. When I got a cold I wanted my Mom to give me what I needed to make it go away. Period. Fast forward 37 years and the way I think about wellness and what it means to me now is completely different.

Wellness has so many facets and it is not the same for everyone. At all!! Wellness for one person could involve time at the gym while wellness for another is time on a yoga mat. For another it could mean being out in nature finding themselves in a forest walk. Wellness also encompasses everything we consume or put on our body. Our diets, supplements, extra curricular habits, daily use personal products, our jobs and more!

For the vast majority of us, we live in a time when the hustle and stress of trying to succeed keeps us from our own success. Does that make sense?? The majority of the population is so busy trying to get ahead, they forget to live in the present. Ignoring the now and looking to the future. Then we reminisce about the events of the past. We don’t make much sense so how are we expected to know what wellness looks like?

It’s only been recently we have begun talking more openly about wellness, self care, self awareness and how to put it all together. I find it fascinating that you can live a healthier life if you learn to listen to your own body. We are taught the basics as we go through school. We have Physical Education  (for some it is HAD as this is not widely available and that is sad) that digs in to our bodies, team work, strength and more but for the most part this is the only side of wellness we are taught. The GO GO GO. WIN WIN WIN. Harder. Faster. Stronger. So our mindset is already on hustle. In my opinion we need to be taught how to stop. Slow down. Breathe. That doesn’t come up and it is the balance that we can be very easily missing. If anyone showed me how soothing, calming AND still strengthening Tai Chi is when I was young, I can guarantee my life would have looked different. I don’t know how at all but I can see how my mindset would have shifted and not been so hurried or so anxious. That certainly would have some sort of impact and would have shown me different things!

Our society is reactionary. We (my generation) are now, as adults, combating our stresses, panicking about the state of the climate and the planet; our situations in politics and government are turning us against each other. We are divided because we have been trained to want what is best for ourselves. That didn’t sound bad when it was being ingrained in our minds did it, but now??  It is every stressed out human for themselves and we are running faster and yelling louder. There is no wellness in this. It has become increasingly harder for most to slow down. It has become louder in our days and in our minds at night. Now we must talk about wellness more than ever. Now we need to end stigmas, we need to reinforce community and we need to slow down.

So what do I do for myself in the way of wellness? Regular massage, adjustments, acupuncture, supplements and better food choices to start with.  I use essential oils and have definitely noticed a difference in my over all well being with consistent use. I time out and turn off. This is massive and it isn’t easy! We are all so tuned in that turning off gives us massive FOMO!! What on earth will I miss immediately hearing about from another persons life that is more important than the life I am currently living but not being present in???

Over the coming months of hibernation I have intention to sign up for a Tai Chi class to keep moving. I plan to spend more time right here; on my blog and learning even more about essential oils and I will be saving money for a course I want to take in the spring. A wellness coaching course and I couldn’t be more excited! These simple items add up to my happiness and therefor my wellness. Creating small habits to improve things for yourself is the best way to start working on wellness I found. Creating the habit of taking the right supplements or vitamins I needed was actually a big one! We need more support in this area as we get older so figuring out what my body needed was important. The process of eliminating chemicals from my home has been a wonderful chapter in my quest for wellness.  Turn my phone off and be present.  Something I have to do more of. I need to really be intentional of my time spent on my blog, my phone, social media or whatever NEEDS attention – as I say I want to spend more time here, I need to remember that sometimes what needs my attention is right in front of me. Finding that balance is imperative for wellness.

What does wellness look like for you? I would love to hear from you and learn more about what works for others in this crazy world.

Essentially Me.

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