What Does Sustainable Mean to You?

It’s all we can talk about with Greta being front and center all over the world, the news, your Facebook and hopefully all of our minds. I am appalled by how many people feel so threatened by her very existence that they feel the need to mock her looks, her gender, her mind or anything else!! What she is saying isn’t untrue. There is mass destruction, there is a warming and melting trend, there are species going extinct and our oceans are really damaged. So how much should we believe? How frightened should we be and more importantly, what should we do??

Should we be scared? My answer is yes, to certain degree. I don’t believe the world is going to end in 12 years but I really do believe we are in trouble. In my heart of hearts I think we are still doing too little and some of it may be too late AND there are far too many people that just don’t believe we need to change or give a shit. That’s sad.

We have most certainly done this to ourselves. Whether you want to believe in global warming or not, our consumerism is where the problem lies. Humanity (and corporate greed) has pushed our dumps past the breaking point! The amount of products that we get sucked into buying contained in a pretty plastic bottle, wrapped in a plastic coating and put in a plastic bag to carry away is literary choking the oceans and the air. We are needlessly polluting, cutting or burning down the ecosystems that have been naturally built as our protection. Why?? So we can have faster cell phones, better cars, designer clothes and bigger houses filled with crap that is lining the pockets of a very few number of billionaires, and they want more! WE have created a system so broken that we are now in an all out panic to fix it and because of our own greed we are terrified of the honest words of a teenager. Of many teenagers. WE DID THIS.

So what do you do now? What do any of us do? Our best. Make what changes we can. Recycle better. Buy less. Grow our own food. Support local. Don’t use chemicals. Be better inside and out. Take a step back and a deep look and realize every choice you make in regards to your spending has some sort of affect on the earth. Whether it’s the packaging something comes in, how it is produced or how it got to you; it all has an affect. It is time to change what you can. If every single person did better there would be progress and we wouldn’t need to feel threatened by a child with a voice.

I’m not saying I am perfect but I try. I do my very best at recycling in our house. I shop second hand. I support locally grown produce whenever possible. I make a lot of my own personal products and that cuts down on packaging as well as not using toxic chemicals. I am much more selective about where I spend my money and on what now. Believe it or not, that has an affect too. I’ve said it before….this is all because of money.

Sustainable to me means trying to leave less of a footprint that I was here at all. It also means doing it with love and gratitude.

Essentially Me.

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