Lemon Essential Oil. How do I love Thee? Let us count the ways!

1. Diffused it promotes clarity of thought and purpose.

2. Boosts immunity.

3. Cleans sticky residue easily.

4. Cleans whiteboards quickly.

5. Improves memory.

6. Helps calm anxiety.

7. Reduces depression.

8. Diuretic.

9. Gets gum out of hair.

10. Improves circulation.

11. Antiseptic.

12. Cleans pots and pan scuffs off cupboards.

13. Cleanses skin.

14. Aids in relaxation.

15. Flavors in cooking.

16. Can ingest in beverages.

17. Reduces wrinkles.

18. Cleans windows.

19. Helps with seasonal allergies (mixed with Lavender and Peppermint).

20. Added to your dishwasher to remove hard water stains.

1 oil. 20 uses from diffused to cleaning to ingesting and that isn’t all of it! 😳

🌿💚 What products do you have in your home that have this many multi purpose uses that is a Natural Health Product?!?!



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