Plant Based Products are Amazing and This One Could Be Free for You to Try!

I had never found a company so driven to create the best plant based products until I joined Young Living and discovered the entire household line of Thieves products. Slowly but surely I began ditching the chemicals and switching them out for all natural, plant based products and it has been awesome! Some people don’t believe me when I say we can feel a difference in our bodies!! It’s true! If it only takes 26 SECONDS for any toxic product you use to enter your bloodstream and then affect every organ and cell in your body; take that out and you stop slowing down your bodies natural processes!  Stop using products that contain ingredients that are labelled with things like “cancer causing”, “known allergen”, “hormone disruptor” or  “can cause reproduction issues” and damn straight you are going to feel better and notice it!


Thieves everything to the rescue! Some of these products are only available in the US but that hasn’t stopped me from getting my hands on each product that I can OR figuring out how to DIY a version of it. There are also ways to double the amount of most of these too! Each product is super concentrated so it is possible to cut them into two and it lasts even longer. My favorite to do that with is the Laundry Soap. One bottle of the concentrate is good for about 64 washes but it can be extended so easily!

First you pour half of it into another bottle. Then add 1 cap full of the Thieves household cleaner, 2 tbl spoon baking soda and if you choose you can add a couple drops of lemon essential oil too. Fill the jug with warm water and then rotate the bottle for about 10 minutes til it thoroughly mixes. You only need about 1/3 of a cap full of soap for each load of laundry. For extra dirty or greasy items I may use a half cap full but no more than that is ever needed.

The best part?? You can get your hands on a bottle of the Thieves laundry soap for FREE. Any new member that joins Young Living with any of their premium starter kits gets their own bottle on the house!! The starter kits CONTAINS lemon and Thieves essential oils like I mentioned, so all you need is a second bottle and some baking soda and your detergent will last you into next year if not longer! We go through a double batch about every 6 months and that is with filthy sports gear and greasy kitchen uniforms. If you have an account that you haven’t used for awhile and decide to reactivate it, do so with a minimum order (100PV) and you too can get the Thieves laundry soap for free.

There has never been a better time to go plant based!


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