Scented Candles Need to be Ditched!!

This used to be my favorite time of year for stocking up on scented candles! I would hit up the big ole box store known for its fall scents and buy them all! All the Ginger Snaps, Pumpkin Spice and Apple Cider blends you can imagine. I had no idea the harm I was doing to myself, my family or my pets!

Burning a scented candle for one hour can have the same toxic effect on your body as smoking one cigarette. GROSS! I quit smoking YEARS ago so hearing that completely grossed me out. There is now so much research on how bad these things are for you that it’s amazing to me how many places still sell them! Anything for a profit though.

Scented candles are in the top three toxic products that are found in the majority of households. Between the added fragrance and the burning wick – they are literally a hazard to your health. On top pf that, how many times did you leave a real candle burning?? I have bookshelves, cabinets, TVS! All covered in melted wax. SO – they are horrible for your health, a liability on your insurance and ruin your furniture. Time to get a diffuser. Take the health risks out. Remove any insurance claims from happening – they come with a timer. You don’t have to replace melted furniture or spend time trying to get wax out of your carpet.

It isn’t hard to replicate your favorite candles either. Check out these diffuser recipe ideas for fall:


Thank you to Logan Randazzo for the beautiful graphic!!
Not only it is easy to ditch toxins from your house, but it sure smells great too!
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