And just like that, She soared.

I haven’t been very attentive or consistent on my own website lately. My thoughts have been as flighty as a dragonfly as I ride that roller coaster of life. I have had my fill of life’s curve balls and challenges already this year so I declared August 31st my New Year’s Eve! I wasn’t waiting four more months to “start over”!! That fresh start happened when I turned 49.

I blinked and am almost 50. It wasn’t the number that made me declare my new year’s, it was the shitty 8 months leading up to it! Holy f#ck enough! With 49 came my 4th crack at employment this year. I really thought I left shady business in my 20’s but boy was I wrong! The entire time I reminded myself that everything happens for a reason and you only get dealt what you can handle. I did my best to stay positive so that the positive things would eventually come my way. There were some pretty dark moments when I had to deal with feelings of failure and moments I just didn’t know what to do next. I held my faith and this year – my new year – already feels completely different!!!

With a new year comes resolutions right?! I haven’t proclaimed any sort of resolution on December 31st for goodness knows how long…. probably because I think it’s silly. Here I am about to claim some bold statements one might consider resolutions on the start of my new year hoping this is when it sticks. Maybe I’m seasonal. Maybe it was the New Moon that fell on exactly the right day. But here it goes….

49 will be different. 50 looks great! I’ve got a lot of work to do to get my ass to a better financial place, no question. I started a new job in a company with so much growth potential the only thing that can get in my way is me. Sky’s the limit!! This shift is teaching me to be so very intentional with my time, my thoughts and my dreams. I don’t have a set schedule anymore so to stay on track right here intention will be key.

Give back. Do better for others in any small way I can.

Learn!! At work and right here for my own business. I see SO MUCH growing in my year it is crazy!

Be a better version of me every. Single. Day.

As much as I wish it was already 6 months from now and some stresses are gone, this is what was given to me to grow. For the first time in 2019 I feel good where I am as far as my job goes. When the place you spend the majority of your time is toxic it eventually taints everything in your life. Now I learn patience, AGAIN. Somehow it is the one thing that we can never fully learn in our society of immediate gratification. Sad but true.

I have certainly used my oils on the daily to promote good sleep, grounding thoughts and forward momentum. Blends like Abundance, Release and Motivation have seen an increase in usage in this house! Stress Away is on my bedside table all the time. It’s combo of cedarwood (my absolute favorite!), lavender and a hint of vanilla is so calming and helps us all sleep a little deeper. Frankincense is the ultimate in grounding and comes out for those moments when I try to quiet my mind. Copaiba and Vetiver in an Epsom salt bath has saved my legs from certain death!! Soothing and anti-inflammation combined! I just put a drop of Idaho Blue Spruce on the crown of my head while writing this to amp up my frequency, and therefor my day! Oils really work. Whether you believe it or not, they do.

Happy New Year! From,

The Essential 49 year old Me.


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