I love an amazing testimonial from a client!

I can’t make this stuff up! It really works!

I have been using Stress Away – an essential oil blend to keep my cat a little more calm. I sprayed down her carrier when our house was for sale and she had to be repeatedly shoved in it. I use 2 drops in a spray bottle and spray down our bed during thunder storms. I have posted these successes on my social media and one of my lovely clients Sam, decided to give it a try on her dogs…..this is the result.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for recommending Stress Away!! Tried it on the dogs today before we left for the drive for camping this aft. They’re usually pretty hyper and agitated in the truck. Especially Atticus (right). Usually he won’t calm down AT ALL in the truck.

Today 2 drops in my hands rubbed together then through his coat down his sides. (Did the same with Gracie). Here was the scene 5 mins out of town …”


Thank you for sharing this Sam!

Essentially Me.

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