My personal testimonial answering my last blog.


I put this on my entire social media feed recently. I asked people to say which picture they thought was the youngest. People I have known for a very long time from another country answered. People that have only known me for the last few years in my home city answered. You may have answered!! Which of these three pictures looks the youngest and which looks the oldest? You would think throwing a question like that, onto the world wide web would be frightening…there’s a shit ton of trolls out there, we all know that. But I did it with some confidence too. Fear mixed with confidence! What happened?? I WON!!

Not one person knew which of these photos was the actual oldest, or my youngest.

The first (on the left) photo was taken December 2016. I was 46 years old. The youngest photo of the three. I had just started taking chemicals out of my products. I had just started with Young Living and wanted to learn how to better take care of myself naturally. I also was lucky. I worked at a Spa that garnered me a hefty staff discount to be able to get an amazing head start! I was trained to know about 100% organic (for real) products and facials and skin care and it was fantastic!! I still swear by Eminence Organic Skincare!! They are the bomb! I highly recommend doing your research and paying more money for better products that last longer.

Picture three (far right) was taken December 2017. I was 47 years old. One year in to switching out my products. One at a time. When I could afford it. When my supply ran out.

Middle photo was taken yesterday, as I write this, August 13, 2019. I am two weeks away from my 49th spin around the sun.  I have officially switched out all my personal products. My toothpaste, my makeup is all mineral, my shampoo, conditioner, hairspray…one at a time, as I could. To better products. Products whose labels I can read AND understand. Products I make myself and it’s easy on the pocket book too!

It doesn’t need to be a race, just start! Trust me!! You are worth it and your body will thank you!! I think I look pretty damn good! I wear less makeup with more confidence every day. My insides are performing better and my outsides are right here for the world to see.

You can do it too!

Essentially Me.


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