Grounding. Why is it important?

Grounding. Connecting. Being present. Being mindful. All these things have been on my mind as I work through some challenges that I wasn’t exactly expecting. I mean, when are we really expecting a new challenge? They sneak up on you like a cheeky cat waiting to swat you when you aren’t looking. This time I was looking but unfortunately I was also trying to convince myself that I wasn’t seeing it.

Now that I’m on the other side I am doing a lot of soul searching. I’m connecting with my surroundings on the regular and it feels good. This challenge has put me in a place I didn’t even realize I needed to be in. It gave me time. Time to stop and breathe and really be present.

Grounding is a huge part of it.

I’m not just talking about laying on a yoga mat, although that is excellent practice, I’m talking about putting your bare feet in the dirt. Feel the ground underneath you. Feel the energy that comes from it. Ground yourself into the grass and sink your toes into mother nature. Feed your soul. That’s the grounding I’m talking about. It is so incredibly good for you to do!

Why? Why is it SO good for us? The bottoms of our feet contain the map to our body. It is said that walking barefoot on the ground for 10 minutes at the start of your day will stimulate every organ, every cell, every drop of blood to wake up! It’s a beautiful day! And they will get to work. It triggers your entire being to shake off the sleep and go!

Isn’t that cool?!?? This is the principal behind acupressure too! This is also why you will read to apply essential oils on the bottom of your feet. It gets directly where it needs to go. It enters the bloodstream connected first and foremost to the exact place you want it to affect.

This is why we should take very good care of them. Our feet, literally and figuratively, carry the weight of our entire body.

But. How the hell do us crazy Canadians do THAT when it’s -30?? That’s up to us to figure out.

I have plants. Lots of plants. At least twice a month in the winter at least my hands are in the dirt as they grow and move pots and give me more plants!

I am trying to create some good habits this summer that my brain will have connected to grounding. Meditate outside on the grass. Have my first cup of coffee outside. Sit in morning summer silence and breathe. Create a happy place in my mind of these feeling that I can refer to. For example. I am writing this (which makes me happy) with my feet in the grass that was rained on last night. The sun is peeking out behind the neighbors house and no one is awake but me. Not in my house. I can’t hear the city. I hear the birds, a waterfall, the cool breeze and I am calm and peaceful. In January I can find this stored feeling when I’m writing a blog about how far I’ve come in grounding myself and instead of feeling cold and blue I will find this sunshine because I have embedded it at every chance.

Is it time for you to slow down, take a break from the hectic pace of the real world and breathe? Do it barefoot. Put your feet in mud. Embrace the energy from our main source. There’s a reason we feel happy and content walking barefoot on the beach. Can’t get to the beach? Hit your backyard, put some calming spa music on your smartphone, add a drop of Frankincense to your palms and breathe. Let go and enjoy.

Essentially Me.

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