All Natural Bug Repellent

This has been a hot topic and my most frequently asked for DIY so here we go!

I have mentioned before when sharing my DIY recipes that the best part about taking control of what’s in your products is that you can change your ingredients up each time depending on the circumstances. For example, my toner I change up seasonally depending on my skin’s needs. Same with Bug spray! Where are you going? What type of bugs do you need to repell? If you’re mostly worried about mosquitoes this is what I have had success with this year in my region.

Citronella and Palo Santo. I used close to 15 drops of each in a 4 ounce spray bottle. Add in 1 tsp of witch hazel, shake well and spray away!!! I used these two on a camping trip a few weeks ago and it was a soggy, swampy mess where I was. I left that weekend with no bites! If it was less buggy I would have used 10 drops of each. Customization! You can’t do that with store bought!

I sprayed down every person I ran into! No chemicals to worry about and it smells great!

Once my spray bottle was empty I put a couple of drops of Citronella in my palm, rubbed my hands together and ran them down my body. Works just as good in a pinch. In fact, this is my go to way to use my oils as bug repellent.

Now you probably think this will break the bank but it won’t! Citronella is $25 and 1 bottle lasts me an entire summer. With the amount of outdoor activity and camping trips that’s pretty amazing! One can of Deep Woods Off can run as much $12-13 each! How long does two cans last?!?? Not 4 months!

Let’s quickly chat about other pests like spiders! Use peppermint to keep them away! Have ants in places you don’t want them?? Use orange and peppermint or even clove essential oils, spray down your garden and they will stay away plus your plants will grow stronger and healthier.

It is not as hard as we are lead to believe to do things more naturally. It’s not hard and it certainly doesn’t have to hurt your wallet.

Bug free.

Essentially Me.

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