Anxiety is a Bitch.

Not only is it a bitch but it can be a bitch to talk about too! I need to start getting real about it though. With myself and with everyone out there. My hope is that my words and adversities could resonate and help someone else!

I have struggled on and off and have been trying to sort out what my triggers are – I wish it was as easy as using Google but our delicate little systems react differently for every one of us. It’s a process that we all need to go through unfortunately. If I could I would unleash the secret of being anxiety free to everyone but where would that leave all those hungry pharmaceutical companies?!?! That is the first step – and possibly the hardest. Realizing and then acknowledging what your triggers are that push you over the edge is the only way to face them.

Stress. BIGGEST. TRIGGER. For me anyway. I used to think I was a pretty happy go lucky stress free person but as I got older the worse it got. It really started taking hold of me when peri menopause symptoms kicked in. I don’t remember being this anxious years ago. Now if we are going on a holiday I freak out! If I am home alone and my husband is away I can curl up in a ball and not leave the house out of shear worry! What is this?? I did NOT invite this in but here I am figuring out how to ask it to leave! And just when you think you can cozy up and have drink (or a few) forget about trigger #2! It takes a lot to get hungover and I don’t usually go down that road anymore but now if I over indulge it is isn’t a headache that I worry about- it’s the hot flashes, the loss of appetite, the insecurities, the fog, the self loathing thoughts and more! I have spent the last 3 full days doing everything in my power to function through all of this but the reality is that my insides are shaking and I have cried every single day for the last week. I said WEEK. WTF? Everything makes me nervous. Everything unsettles me. Everything upsets me. I have no control (it seems) when it hits – BUT I have found a few things that help. These last few days has been the perfect storm of ALL of my triggers because…well because life and a little bit of livin!

You know what the first thing is that I use that helps?? Essential oils!!! Damn straight there are oils that aid in calming your nervous system.

Diffuse Cedarwood – it helps you produce more melatonin and smells like your in a glorious forest or a sauna!

Make Lavender Lemonade if those hot flashes are impeding your sleep. It will calm you down and knock you out!

Roll peppermint down your spine to cool your body temperature. Be careful as peppermint is sun sensitive so don’t do it wearing a bikini at the beach and tell me your burnt!

Clary Sage inside your ankles helps with balancing hormones. What female doesn’t need help with this??

Other tips that have helped me personally:

Take vitaminB or a B complex or a Super B….pick one! Take it!

Red wine is out!! Tough to find one that doesn’t trigger hot flashes instantly. Any alcohol in over indulgence will do it too really. I’ve learned this one the hard way.

Sleep. Get as much sleep as you can! Sleep like you’re a growing teenager! If I even have two nights in a row with less than 7 hours each I can be vile. Truth!

CBD. Do your research, it works. It’s natural. Now that it’s legal, try cannabis! What do you have to loose? You don’t need to smoke it. There are CBD capsules, creams, edibles as well as options to smoke. I’m not talking about marijuana either. You don’t need to worry about phsycedilic effects! There are products with zero THC.

Be kind. It just helps. Everyone.

Essentially Me.


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