My Happy Place

I was asked this question not long ago at a company meeting as an icebreaker. “Where is your happy place?” Where is that one place where you can reset, think, absorb and be your happiest most comfortable you? Mine is our back yard and usually with my hands in the dirt. Filthy, talking to plants with baseball on the outside speakers and a cold beer not far away. It is possible for me to not hear anything in our backyard sanctuary. I can tune out the world. It is also incredibly good for you to be barefoot on the ground, to dig your hands through the soil and connect with mother earth. It is the most grounding thing we can do for ourselves and that pun was intended!!

I posted on my social media the other day about taking a break outside to breathe, to look up at the sky or the stars and feel your breath fall into rhythm with your surroundings. To move with the trees blowing in the wind. To reach for the sun like the dandelions. It is so peaceful to do nothing but connect, and it is something we all NEED to do but our busy lives can very easily get in the way.
This is probably why I love my essential oils so much! It’s plants. It’s dirt. It’s earth. It’s connected. Learning how many natural healing properties are available to us right under our dirty bare feet is pretty fantastic. When I get time to get dirty I always feel so much more ready to take on the next day recharged and content.Where is your happy place?

Essentially Me.

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