It’s a plant. Try it.

This is the part that I don’t get.

Before even considering trying something 100% natural, we will easily buy a label we saw on TV with ingredients in it that could potentially kill us.

We need to re-train our brains! This is not right!

It isn’t easy going against the grain or doing things differently, I know! It isn’t easy to ignore the commercialism that corporations have made of our health. It looks so easy and perfect! Go to the store. Buy some stuff. Get better. What we’re really doing is feeding the billionaire companies that keep us on a vicious cycle of making us appear better initially but is actually creating a separate illness or only masking what is actually wrong. So we go buy the next thing that will “cure” us.

I decided to do things differently. I choose to add supplements and plant based products into my everyday life that aids me in strengthening my wellness. My vitamins. My oils. My household products. All plant based items I use daily to improve my over all well being instead of impede it. Now I don’t run to London Drugs every month to cover up a new symptom because I actually don’t get as many as I used to. Truth! I don’t feel unwell NEARLY as often as I used to before I switched out chemicals for plants!!!

You can choose to feel better. Live better. You can choose to be well.

Going against the crowd isn’t easy but you are worth it! Your health, your well being, your everything is worth being different!

Being different can also be fun.

Essentially Me.


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