New Good Habits. How hard can it be??

And why is it SOOOOOO much easier to start bad ones?!?! ( this I don’t have the answer for other than chips and ice cream are delicious) 

If you do something, the same thing every single day it is said you will create a habit. It takes a person anywhere between 18 and 66 days for this habit to become automated. To get to the place that it is in your routine automatically without thinking. Brushing my teeth…in the shower. Habit. Gross to some, I know! That’s my routine!! Our entire morning is a routine, therefore a habit! We all know how hard it is when your start time for work changes and is now 30 minutes EARLIER than “normal” right? We have to shift our habitual routine and that’s when we forget to put on deodorant or grab our lunches! Now you wanna try and ADD something to this mess that is good for you??!! Crazy.

But doable.

I knew essential oils helped my anxiety a long time ago. Long before I started slinging them! LOL So why didn’t I use them all the time? They weren’t convenient. So I suffered. Now, I make it easy for me to use them all the time! I spend about an hour a month filling bottles, replacing products and making sure those things that are helping me create good habits are within reach! I’m still working on washing my face every night, but when I do all the products are there waiting for me! If things aren’t in place it becomes so easy to make excuses. To out of reach. To complicated. Too much to do to get ready. NO time. I said them all! I still say some of them but I am trying to do better! For some out of sight out of mind is crazy literal! Like my husband! If his vitamins aren’t on the kitchen counter in front of his (and everyone else’s) face he won’t take them. Not because he doesn’t want, but because they are too far out if his routine.

Oils do me good so I want them in my reach. My favorite way is in rollers. I did a video on my social media today on how easy it is to make rollers! Plus they are purse and pocket friendly!


What good habit do you want create in your life? For me it would be meditation. In the meantime I will keep making my oily rollers and leaving them everywhere I need them!

Essentially Me.




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