Oils on the go!!

Once you discover something is amazing, you want it all the time right? Like when you realized what’s in your perfect cup of coffee, you only want it THAT way from then on. SO now you have discovered that there are essential oils that really help calm you down, or sleep or have more energy! So you want that ALL the time!! It isn’t hard to do!

You can have your oily life savers in your purse, in your pocket, around your neck, on your wrist…the list goes on! I started with a set of roller bottles I bought on Amazon. I spent about 20 bucks for 20 rollers. I was set for over a year! I made rollers with the oils that helped calm my anxiety. I made rollers with the oils that help me focus. I made rollers to boost my immune system. They are in my purse. On my desk. In my bathroom. In my car. You make them as YOU want them. More of this? Do it! Less of that? Absolutely! That’s the best part! YOU are in control!

My other favorite is my diffuser necklace collection~ I have 3 now. They each have a locket that opens up and holds a felt pad. Two drops of whatever I need in that moment and off I go. Plus I smell great all. The. Time.

Lava bead bracelets are also fantastic! The oils on your wrists hit perfect pulse points for them to absorb and help you when you need it! Do you get nervous in meetings?? Use Frankincense for an earthy, grounding scent that doesn’t usually come with scent complaints from those around you. And if they do??? They need it more than you.

Wear your oils and be you! This is how I do it. My style. My needs. My essentials.

Essentially Me.

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