Hey! Menopause! F#ck off!

I called my Mom one day and asked her how she dealt with these ridiculous personal tropical holidays?! Seriously. I still cannot wrap my head around the crap we go through as women. Menstruation isn’t a bad enough joke on its own?? We have to flip everything we think we’ve learned about ourselves upside down until the sky is green, we can’t think clearly and we hate everything about our bodies?!?!?! Seems logical.

The loathing self doubt that showed up for me was incredible. The mood swings were next, followed by the hot flashes. Absolutely everything about me was unbalanced and I was miserable. The only option my family doctor had for me was antidepressants. That wasn’t a path I wanted to be on. It didn’t feel right. My life had flipped upside down with a huge job loss. My husband was very sick for close to two years leading up to my job layoff and spent about 3 weeks total in hospital before things got better. So….no stress to bring on those symptoms at all! Fuck.

I made it about 4 years after a partial hysterectomy before any peri menopause symptoms reared their ugly heads and my doctor wanted to numb me. He told me he thought it would be better to always be the same, right in the middle, no highs and no lows….flat. YUCK. I get not wanting to feel the bottom, no one likes that feeling. But no highs?!? Forget about it! Life is all about the ups and downs and I wasn’t about to let them all go so I started making better choices and really listening to my body.

It hasn’t been easy but I’m learning everyday. Learning how to breathe. Learning how to relax. Learning how important self care is. I decided to learn about essential oils and all the products I can make for myself! It took a long time for me to realize how easy it is. I thought I would need to commit an entire evening to doing one item and my schedule wouldn’t allow for it. (Red flag #1 to my previous self.) Fast forward 2 years and in 10 minutes I make mouthwash, toner, make up remover, bed spray and fill the cleaning bottle. 10 minutes and a fraction of the cost of every trip to Shopper’s Drug Mart in a year.

But what the H does this have to do with menopause?!?!

Read a label. All those pretty labels with the fruity fresh scent that you wash your hands with are filled with toxic chemicals that are known to be hormone disruptors. For real!! The ingredients in your deodorant could be affecting your fertility. The list of illegal (or not even registered) products in your home are unfathomable. And they are triggers for horrible night sweats, panic attacks, insomnia, depression, anxiety, cancer and more.

So I decided to do what I could, what I am capable of to increase my health, my Wellness and over all well being.

There are no secrets but we don’t talk about it enough and we NEED each other’s road maps. They won’t be the same at all, but a reference is always nice. So I created this space to give me a way to share, to yell and to celebrate life in!!

Over the last two years I have slowly been switching out each product I can to all natural plant based goodness. I think other than my last cube of eye shadow, there isn’t a single product in my bathroom that I use that isn’t either made by me and filled with essential oils or  researched to ensure they are certified 100% organic. I feel better. I look younger. I sleep great. I love life! I’m giving myself every chance at it too! And don’t forget, it’s inevitable that when you make better choices for yourself, you make better choices for our planet.

Or maybe it’s just Me.


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