How important is a calm space?

The older I get, the more important it has become it seems. Is it because we can’t control everything around us at all times?? The world spins with thousands of thoughts and ideas and emotions around us every day and we are supposed to not absorb the chaos.  Not feel for others situations. Brush it off. Water off a ducks back. Let it slide. But whether we want to admit it or not, we do absorb it. We take it all in. We push it all down. Then we head back to our homes with our families and try to forget what we buried inside for awhile.

At least that’s what it seems like to me. I don’t call myself an em path by any means. I certainly sway more in that direction though. Others actions affect me and I take them home. I can’t help it. I have gotten better in the last few years but I have been under a full remodel, let’s be real! In the middle of the fear, the tears and sleepless nights has been a work in progress of the new me! The real me. Essentially Me!!! See what I did there?! My world WAS chaotic!! Not bad chaos but a never ending supply of it! A person that has been labelled anxious (me) NEEDS to decompress.  We need to take the time to recognize our feelings and let all the ones we don’t need go!! That wasn’t something I was told when I grew up but I want to spill the beans now for you!! SELF CARE IS NECESSARY. A calm space to let the day wash away or a peaceful spot to calmly start your day with gratitude is easy. I have turned my office into my happy place. My oils are here, my salt lamp, my crystals. It is bright sunshine with plants everywhere and filled with music and color!! I feel so content when I am in that space!! Why did I choose my office for this? Let’s start with the first thing I said…my oils are here. Essential oils have been an amazing addition into my life during my remodel. The timing couldn’t have been better really!

All those emotions that don’t do us any good are all stored in the limbic system. A tiny spot in your brain that holds on to every single emotion we have ever felt since birth .We store it all. In fact it’s crazy normal to be 50 years old and all of a sudden have a flash of -guilt let’s say. This deep feeling that you don’t ever really remember feeling before so it’s foreign. Well, you probably saw (or smelled) something that triggered a moment in time when you were 3 years old and you knocked over a glass vase and your brother got blamed. At 3 you didn’t know what to do with that feeling so you shoved it deep away. Fast forward and you see that vase all patched up for the first time and that feeling creeps up. For real. Our little brain keeps EVERYTHING. It’s like a frickin pack rat! We don’t need to store every little thing like this!! It’s taking up space! Essential oils are the only thing with molecules small enough to penetrate and affect the limbic system. You would be surprised how much lighter you start to feel after the first few uses. Whether diffusing or inhaling and whether you think they will work or not… THEY WORK.

My favorite calming oils that I don’t dare run out of are Cedarwood and Bergamont. Cedarwood smells amazing diffused!! My Dad used to build everything out of cedar so the smell puts me in such a happy place!! It also naturally helps your body produce more melatonin. Score!!! Bergamont is a tiny bit citrusy mixed with a light woodsy tea. At least to me! It may react a bit different to you. Add ONE drop to your tea (only Young Living brand Bergamont should be ingested. It is an NHP – natural health product. I don’t recommend any other brand) if you’re feeling those butterflies in your chest and grab a seat in your calm space. In minutes those butterflies will be flying out the window. They work.

Essential oils and their natural affects on the nervous system has been studied for hundreds of years. Aromatherapy really isn’t hippy voodoo magic. Hippys were the most obvious earth lovers out there so we got labelled! I’ll take! I LOVE finding natural sustainable ways to improve my health and well being.

Water is also my calm place. That’s why there is now a fountain in our house so I can hear that peaceful sound every day. The photo below is from a recent trip to my husbands family cabin. So quiet. We were there less than 36 hours in a place where our phones were nothing more than cameras. There’s no TV. No radio reception. No distractions. Nature. Water in one direction, fields in another. I came home so calm.

I would love to hear where your calm space is and what tricks you’ve learned in your life for keeping the chaos at bay!

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