Balance. Why is it so damn hard to achieve??

I haven’t written a damn word for far too long! Let’s start right there! I will admit that making this a habit rather than a thought has been challenging! I haven’t found my balance of when it is better for me to sit down and write! Clearly I can’t wing it. UG. And that’s where it starts….

We just had a major election. The weeks leading up to it was too hard to agree with and too hard to ignore. It was slanderous. It was dirty. I have no doubt it was, and is corrupt. The entire thing leaves me feeling very unbalanced. I did my research. I listened to debates. I did not go in uninformed at all. Yet my vote still felt off. There was no perfect choice! Maybe perfect is stretching it but you get what I’m saying!! Not one candidate left me feeling 💯 sure they were the right person to fight for our rights!!! Talk about no balance!!

So…how does a person find the inner balance we all need and deserve, when everything around us is so extremely lopsided? How do we balance that? How many boundaries do you have so there’s more balance in your life? Literally. I want to know. It’s something we all need to learn more of from one another as far as I’m concerned.

Do you have set works hours or are you available all the time? Are expectations like that too much?? When is it YOUR time and not the person’s you work for? I have recently learned how to set some boundaries like this and it helps more than I realized! Knowing that work does not have to follow me home feels good. Knowing that I have the capability to do that in itself feels great! But finding pure balance is hard. I work on it and towards it every day.

The only answer I can find so far (this is a lifelong work in progress) is this:

Breathe. Love. Smile. Wake up every single day and be the best you that day can handle! Worry not about your neighbor. Let him contain his own woes. Be true to you, be good to your heart, be present and mindful and protect those you care for. Then do it again the next day. And the next. And the one after that. Keep it simple. Be good. Do good.

If we all do that. Worry about ourselves and be the best version individually that we can, maybe…just maybe, we can reset our balance as a whole.

And don’t forget to huff all the calming oils! I know Cedarwood runs a plenty around here on tough days. It helps produce melatonin 😁 and it smells like the sauna my Dad built.

Maybe that’s just me.

Essentially Me.

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