What if….

My thoughts tonight revolve around this phrase. Probably because my life has changed direction a number times over the last few years. You can’t help but think about the what ifs.

What if I was still at the same job? What if I had learned a trade? What if we sold our house last year? What if we never found our cat? What if our plane wasn’t delayed? What If. What if. Why do we dwell on what may have been?? The answer is simply because we can’t help it. It’s how our brains work, we literally can’t help it. The hardest part is recognizing it and switching it.

I’m not saying we should never question things or our path. What I am saying is I need to get better at switching my mindset quicker. I am the first person to say “it happened for a reason” but when you are the only one in your audience it’s far too easy to overthink the reason AND what happened. That’s when I tend to get stuck. The never ending what if that inevitably turns into why me. Why did I get let go? Why did I take that turn? Why did I say that? Why. Why. Why.

Between the what ifs and the whys is where you start looking for yourself. The person that got lost in between all of the circumstances of life. The person that lost herself in the process.

I am right in the middle of my what ifs and whys right now. It isn’t always clear and it isn’t always easy but I am finally in a place that isn’t complete blame and shame. (More emotions to trudge through.)

What if we never had to feel any negative emotions towards ourselves?? Could you imagine?!?!

I am starting to ask myself better questions. I am beginning to see that if we all said what if in a different way we could be the voice of change.

What if I stopped buying plastic cups for camping season? What if I washed and recycled everything I possibly could? What if I switched out my products for ones with less packaging? What if I used mesh produce bags?? Do you get me here??

Instead of questioning our own selves and well being, what if we questioned things we could do for the better for our surroundings??

What if we each eliminated 1 piece of useless plastic from our homes each month? Each week?? What if we all cut our waste in half? What if we added water savers to our toilets? To our showers?

What if we each held the power to change the world.

We do. So what if we used it?

Those are the what ifs I’m letting in from now on.

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