We NEED to do better!

I just spent the last few days in Las Vegas. This was my second time there for a quick little getaway with my husband. We choose Vegas because at the time we booked I was working and could only get a few days off but that was better than nothing!! The hustle, the bustle, the nightlife, the sunshine. THE PLASTIC!!! Oh. My. Stars. If you Google Las Vegas recycling you will see quite a few listings or articles. Some stories say certain hotels recycled 33% of their waste in years past. Yet I couldn’t find a single separate bin for cans and bottles in our resort. I overheard a customer ask a staff member in the hotel where to put her empty water bottle and was told “in the garbage, we don’t recycle.” My heart hurt. At least they have stopped the piles of strip club business cards that the hawkers flip at every corner. I remember the streets being covered in them last visit.

The city does appear much tidier but the amount of single use plastic they produce is absolutely insane! Sure you can buy a refillable cup and take it home to use for smoothies or what have you, but other than that, plastic drink cups, plastic cutlery, plastic bags and everything wrapped in it’s own protective layer of even more plastic. I hope the behind the scenes action is more proactive than the surface appearance but we still need to do more. I assume there are levels of collection that we aren’t seeing. Like I said, Google tells me it’s there but it sure wasn’t visible. Which means it isn’t easy.

Our hotel had consciously moved to paper cups in the rooms, but they individually wrapped each one in….. PLASTIC!!! I’m pretty sure you just defeated your purpose with this! Not to mention the travel sized toiletries in each room. Tiny bottles made of plastic by the millions. There has to be a better way. At the very least they should move to paper straws!! Think of how many little plastic cocktail glasses with fancy logo’d swizzle sticks and tiny plastic straws get thrown out in the city that doesn’t sleep EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

I hope there is a secret underbelly of good things happening. It appears there is. Now make it noticeable so we can all be part of the change needed.

I won’t say I will never go to back to Las Vegas, but it will take a long time. Maybe by then they will be better to the naked eye and not make it hard for us earth loving hippies to do the right thing!

My thoughts on a plastic vacation.

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