I didn’t choose to feel guilt.

I feel like I need to dig into emotions and the thought process that we don’t choose what emotions to feel or show all the time, most times the emotions choose us. These are lessons that have been stored in the absolute depths of our being since before we were 5 or 6 years old, sometimes from before we were born! When we feel something in our late 40’s that oddly feels new, odds are we are bringing up that stored emotion. This is when it seems we have no control of what we feel.

GUILT. This is a massive gut wrenching piece of the puzzle that I did not CHOOSE to feel. Yet somehow I cannot avoid it. I feel guilt even though I know 100% that my employment loss was of ZERO fault of my own. I did nothing wrong. I was a circumstance or a pay cut. There’s days I think it would have been easier to accept if there was actually a thing to blame! A crime or negative act but I did nothing. Yet guilt comes up and sits his self righteous self right on my chest. It is a process to deal with feelings of guilt that you did not incur on your own! It’s like trying to put out a fire with only wood. No one that I know CHOOSES to feel guilt. It means we have done something wrong! You don’t wake up in the morning and say today will be hard, I feel so guilty.

For me this ridiculous guilt thing manifests as “I am a loser”. I wasn’t wanted so I must be a loser. I feel guilty because I am a loser. Guilty because I have added stress to our home. Only losers do that. Obviously. Wanna know what makes it worse? Being 48. I hate saying it because I don’t want to believe it but my age is against me now. Now I get to feel guilty because I’m an old loser who adds stress. See how this can spiral?? It’s not hard to cue anxiety and depression from here! I have had to go through all of these emotions and more over the last few years. I have kept a lot of them hidden from most people. I haven’t projected anything but a positive sunshiny happy persona….which really is me!! I’ve been slowly clearing away some of these feelings. I have started listening to my heart, which isn’t easy. I have started slowing down to quiet my mind. Meditation also isn’t easy but I am taking the time to sit and breathe and try. Of course I have learned to incorporate essential oils.

Oils and emotions. I have never been so fascinated and amazed by a scientific topic as this one. The Limbic system is a crazy thing! It’s where we store all our emotions. Everything that is pre-programmed in us is in there. Essential oil molecules are the only thing small enough to reach the limbic system to aid in releasing these trapped emotions. It’s like spring cleaning of the brain all year long! HA!!

One of my favorite oils for helping with this is a blend called Release. It was specifically formulated to help release anger and memory trauma from your liver in order to create emotional well being. Did you even realize that you store emotional trauma in your LIVER?? It is so fascinating!!! Plant science can help your body with so much and doing it naturally is totally my jam!

When you get this oil, put a couple drops in the palm of your hand. Rub you palms together and then take a nice deep breath cupping your hands over your nose. Now swipe those oily hands across your liver and breath out all the bad.

My Hippy Dippy tip for this beautiful Friday.

Essentially Me.


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