Making green choices isn’t f#cking easy! I get it!

That’s why most people don’t! Convenience has made it far too easy to make absolutely horrible choices for our bodies and our homes!

I struggle daily with stuff like this:

I still have 2 Costco sized boxes of Ziploc bags. We bought them in a big bundle about 2 years ago! It’s getting hard to even want to use them but I don’t want to throw money out the window either! Trying to switch to only reusable kitchen items isn’t easy at all!! Aluminum foil. Cellophane wrap. Wax paper. ARGGHGH!

I bought us each a Bamboo toothbrush. 1 for each of us. I was super excited to join that momentum when I found out it takes 500 years (or more) for a toothbrush to completely decompose. I wanted one that (apparently) lasts for 50 years or more!! Bought them 6 months ago at least. They’re still in the boxes they came in. Why?? I have 3 brushes on the go at home alone!! What the hell?!?! I have 1 at the cabin and another packed away in our camping stuff. That’s 5!!! That’s 2500 years for that plastic to break down. 😮 Then I looked under my sink and found 4 more brand new toothbrushes straight from the dentist!! How many does 1 person need and what the hell do I do with them all now?!

(They will be donated but you see my point!)

I’m trying. It’s not f#cking easy. But I’m trying.

My next item to tackle is to buy mesh reusable produce bags. I have 5 or 6 paper and plastic ones I keep using but holy Hanna is it hard to buy produce without WAY TO MUCH PLASTIC PACKAGING!! Now that spring is in the air we are nearing farmer’s market season!! Every Hippy’s delight for supporting local AND cutting down on 1 use plastic bags.

Indonesia has created a plastic bag that will be used at night markets that dissolves in water!!! It’s amazing!!! Where are we at Canada?!?!

It IS possible to make and create change. It isn’t f#cking easy, but don’t we owe it this big beautiful place we call home to try?

I think so.

Essentially Me.

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