I was Scared…

What if my clothes weren’t REALLY coming clean? What if my dishes weren’t being disinfected?? What if germs weren’t being killed??? I’m not a germaphobe or anything but everyone wants to know their stuff is clean!

There are no bright loud commercials telling me that plant-based products will work just as well if not better than any chemical filled foamy cleaners on the market. Plant based cleaners don’t have a seriously built bald guy TELLING you that Mr Clean will clean your house and he will keep it shiny! There’s no super bleach scrubbing bubbles sliding down your tub like a kids race track attached to Thieves Household cleaner, or any other plant based cleaner out there. It’s hard to convince yourself of one thing when the exact opposite is what is marketed to us. Plant based marketing LOOKS boring! It doesn’t suds for days, it isn’t bright blue or pink with sparkles and doesn’t come with a pretty mask to help with the chemical burn either!! LOL

Plant based cleaners DO work though and they are way better for our bodies, but we have been trained very differently. Is it as CONVENIENT?? No, probably not. You may have to use some elbow grease with natural products. You may have to take extra time to gather a few other ingredients that isn’t just that bright green spray bottle, but you also don’t have to wear gloves to protect your skin from what’s in that spray bottle. There’s no need for a mask either, in fact it’s the exact opposite; using Thieves cleaner you can actually get health BENEFITS from using their products. Think about that! Using a cleaner on your EVERYTHING that has immune system boosting ingredients instead of carcinogens that have soaked their way into every single cell in your body in way less than the time it takes you to clean the house.

Last year we put our house up for sale and our agent sent in a cleaning company to give it that one big deep clean to get ready for photos and market. When we came back in 4 hours later our eyes burned and it hurt to take a deep breath. We had to RE-CLEAN our bathtubs before we could have a bath because they were covered in the white residue left behind by cleaner filled with bleach. I don’t really want to soak in a bleach bath! The windows were so streaked with chemical residue that I re-did those too. I was amazed at how fast my husband reacted and acted just as quickly as I did to get the smell out of our CLEAN house! It had only been about 6 months of using nothing but all natural cleaning products, specifically the Thieves line from Young Living, but the difference is unreal!! Yet this is what we think of the word clean. Clean but dangerous!

The best part?? Ready for the money talk?? I mean you must wait for it, I am part of a dreaded scheming mlm    🙂 Add up how much money is sitting under your kitchen sink and on how many different products? I had a dozen products when I cleaned my cupboard out. Probably worth about $100.  Now I have 1 bottle of cleaner that cost me $28. Seems like a ton for 1 bottle doesn’t it?? When you need to buy 4 or 5 at a time hell ya! When you spend $28 every 15 months I would say it’s a helluva deal. That’s how long my first bottle lasted in our house. 15 months.

There’s no pretty sudsing bubbles. No spray and let sit for 20 minutes so it can “activate”. No masks, no gloves, no chemicals. And a damn clean house. It IS possible to change your mind, to retrain your brain on what is good. It IS scary but it’s better for you!!

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