I Can’t Stand Your Scent!!

For real though, that cloud of Eau du Parfum that’s hanging off of you? It’s giving me a headache!

How many times have you heard about establishments or venues going “Fragrance Free” or “Scent Free”? So many workplaces have introduced a no scent policy and with good reason; but that really good reasons are ones I bet you don’t even know about.

Instead of rolling your eyes when the memo comes out that Sally had an allergic reaction and you can’t wear your Joop to work anymore, you should thank her. The common reason the bosses gives us is “allergies”.  Betty came in for a staff meeting and sat next to Sally. Betty had liberally sprayed her favorite $$$ brand name alllll over herself before she left the house and Sally went home nauseous and with a piercing headache behind her eyes. She was so stuffed up she thought she caught a cold. It wasn’t a cold, and it wasn’t allergies. It’s the toxic fragrance filled with harmful chemicals making us all sick!

Think of it this way; if Sally got that sick from what the person BESIDE her was wearing…what’s it doing to that persons insides??

Have you watched the Netflix documentary STINK? Watch it. You will throw out everything in your house with FRAGRANCE in the ingredients list.

This is one of the topics that all of my surrounding members of Young Living talk about with no end. It’s horrifying!!! This is what one of those ladies posted on her Facebook page a few days ago and I couldn’t have said it better so here it is:

“Who has watched this documentary on Netflix? This is so fricking maddening! A loophole in federal law actually allows companies to knowingly sell products with carcinogens. Manufacturers of personal care products are required to list ingredients on labels, but if something wasn’t intentionally added, like asbestos or other cancer-causing, endocrine-disrupting ingredients that are in most synthetic fragrances, it does not have to be disclosed to consumers on the label. What in the literal 🤬!!!

Even “unscented” products can contain fragrances used to cover up unpleasant smells inherent in the product.😱

Studies have shown roughly one in five people in the United States report health problems from exposure to fragrances and there is evidence that certain ingredients found within fragrance mixtures have been linked to negative health impacts, including:

Neurological—headaches, migraine headaches, nausea, and dizziness
Respiratory—allergic asthma, non-allergic asthma, reactive airway dysfunction syndrome
Skin—rashes, eczema, itching, discoloration, and swelling
Eye—tearing and inflammation
Reproductive—hormone disruption, early breast development, infertility, and low sperm count

Meanwhile, cancer rates continue to rise: 1 in 2 women and 1 in 3 men will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetimes.

Um, NO THANK YOU!!! I’m the person that buys the products that come into our house. I choose to eliminate all of the products that have “fragrance”, formaldehyde, lead, etc. and choose Young Living products which are infused with pure, essential oils and no toxic chemicals (not even accidental ones). Since switching out our household products, I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been and so is my family. It feels good to know that what I’m doing is going to have a positive effect on our kids fertility and all of our long-term health and wellness. Go watch this documentary. Wash your clothes you buy with Thieves laundry detergent to remove the gross fragrances and toxic chemicals on them before you wear them. Do what you can to limit your exposure and your family’s exposure to these harmful ingredients! We can’t control everything we get exposed to but we can most certainly control what we buy and bring into our homes. And by purchasing products that are truly clean vs harmful, we CAN create change. 👊 ” 

That was all said by Carol Yeh-Garner. She is a Royal Crown Diamond with Young Living and is one of the many passionate people I get to interact with on the regular. This is a community of people that want to shout our knowledge from the rooftops and be part of the change. We are trying to help each other take back our control and teach others to do the same.

So now…I make my own perfume rollers. I have for two and half years. It’s easy and, much like my make-up remover, I can tailor it to be whatever I want it to be that day.

Pick a roller. They’re pretty, colorful and you can add some impact by adding crystals or flower petals into them too! There’s a little one for your purse,  1 for the gym locker and 1 for home. Pick your oils and enjoy the fact that not only are you not laying formaldehyde onto your skin but you are instead absorbing natural health products that have soothing, calming or uplifting benefits. Again, mine are only Yong Living brand oils.

Know better.

Do better.

Essentially Me.


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