What’s in your makeup?

If you bought it at Claire’s it probably has asbestos in it. How many young girls bought their own first kit there? How many nieces got a Pink sparkly kit of eyeshadows for Christmas??

Have you seen this weeks news headline?


Here’s a tiny tidbit:

“Asbestos is believed to cause mesothelioma, a type of cancer affecting the lining of the chest and abdomen, and is linked to an increased risk of other forms of cancer and lung disease. In its statement, the FDA called for more expansive authority to regulate cosmetics, saying the law about its role has not been updated since it first entered into force in 1938.” “The current law does not require cosmetics to be reviewed and approved by the FDA prior to being sold to American consumers,” it said, adding that total responsibility for the safety of these products now rests with the companies that make them.

Our regulatory laws surrounding what companies can put in products we apply directly to our skin has NEVER been updated. It has been the same since 1938! It is NOT monitored. There is NO ONE in charge of what goes in products. No monitoring system. AT ALL. WTH??

Asbestos. a filler in in makeup that younger girls use. I’m sure I still have something just like it in a box of costume makeup somewhere. I have been on stage for many years of my life and have used every sparkly, pretty, wild color of makeup out there…and it (probably) has ASBESTOS in it?? What else? And then we wonder why our medical system is maxxed and cancer is everywhere we turn. It is because there are NO LAWS protecting us from greedy companies that want to stretch and fill that purple eyeshadow as far as they can and make it last longer. Make it smudge free. Make it WATERPROOF for those girls that cry. How about HELL NO! Our own greedy consumerism (convenience) is why these companies make more of this crap. We let them. Hell we demand it!

I am sitting here writing this on International Women’s Day. During a week in which I have struggled with anxiety. During yet another snowfall that sure isn’t helping anyone’s Psyche. Wondering how we ever got here. Wondering why I am even yelling at my laptop about things I am passionate about, hoping it will catch on somewhere down the line. Hoping it can help start change even in the smallest way. But who am I? I am one voice. I have no power, I have no political stance or gain. I have no bank roll to get heard or noticed. I am Essentially Rachelle. A 48 year old woman doing my best to make better choices. Doing my best to be present and conscious of my choices and their repercussions. Trying to be mindful.


So how do you DO better? Read your labels. Do some research. We all have smart phones now so save http://www.ewg.org on your phone and look up a product or read the research. When “We” found out companies were harming animals testing these products on them we were outraged!!! I guess my question then is; If we know it hurts a living creature, blinds them, causes their fur to fall out, gives them burning rashes; how did we not question what it could do to us too??? And if we did, why did it still make it to the shelves.

That’s my thoughtful rant of the day.

Essentially Me.

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