What IS green washing anyway??

Green-washing, also called “green sheen”, is a form of spin in which green PR or green marketing is deceptively used to promote the perception that an organization’s products, aims or policies are environmentally friendly. Wikipedia
Listen to this backwards truth:
It is nobody’s job to ensure the products on store shelves are actually safe for human consumption. There is no one responsible for what ingredients are put into those products. There is no one to hold anyone accountable for putting unapproved toxic chemicals in our everyday products. But we have large PR and marketing companies that are paid very handsomely by even bigger corporations to paint us very green pictures that come nowhere near the truth.
Did you know that absolutely anybody can use the word ORGANIC on a label?? There is literally no obligation or rule that it actually has to mean anything. It is merely a descriptor. A colorful word. So is natural and eco and even recycled. This goes hand in hand with CONVENIENCE. Those pretty colored labels ready for every season!! Behind those pretty labels are marketing lies that cannot be substantiated. Just because it says it’s made of 50% recycled material doesn’t mean that fact can be backed up AT ALL. SO how do we avoid greenwashing??
Take a peek at this blog about it:
Greenwashing is only a thing because of our mad love affair with CONVENIENCE!!! We are needy and selfish and demanding as a society. We need to take a step back and look and what wanting bigger, better and faster is doing to us.
I used to hate words like stupid, selfish and hate. I still do. I do my best to be the glass is half full of sunshine and rainbows kind of person! Now my least favorite words I have yelled in caps lock a few times already. Convenience. Big bad word #1. I went on and on about it in my last blog and it’s true! That one word is killing society. We don’t need to talk to tellers or attendants or cashiers at all in some places anymore because it was faster to take out the human interaction. No chit chat. No have a nice day. No thank you for coming. That was too time consuming so we got rid of it.
Now we can order every meal on our phone or tablet and have it delivered. We don’t even have to talk to the driver, the transaction is already done. Just open the door.
So we don’t talk to anyone, we only believe what we see on Facebook. in magazines or during the Superbowl. Those flashy million dollar ads you most likely saw, or at the very least heard about…paid for by massive companies so you will buy their sparkly drink that is aiding in the destruction of the rain forest. Palm Oil. Companies that still use palm oil don’t necessarily say they are all natural or eco friendly. Greenwashing is also done by hiding the truth of how the products are made. The bad eating habits of billions of people that fill rows and rows of processed everything at the grocery store is destroying more than we can ever imagine. Mass production is also mass destruction.
I am trying to do better. Make more responsible choices. It isn’t easy. Change isn’t easy. Making new habits can be tough but so worthwhile. I can’t think of a better habit to create than one of being conscious of your actions. Knowing that what you today does indeed have an affect on tomorrow.
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