Convenience is killing us

My blood absolutely boils with this topic! I don’t even know where to start or with what!!

Latest news headline I read: Retail Store Till receipts are coated with BPA and can cause harm if exposed for long periods of time. Excuse me?? This has been known for how long and nothing has been done about it? How in the hell can this kind of information come to light and NOTHING BE DONE?! The list of things in our everyday lives that are harmful to us one way or another is absolutely ridiculous.

How is this even possible? Why did it get like this? CONVENIENCE. As a society we are trained to want the next best thing. Even if we don’t need it. We are trained to run to the store and grab whatever we need in it’s pretty plastic packaging. Corporations are trained to give us what we want faster than we know we want it. How many people bought the new iPhone because everything around them TOLD them they needed it. So what happened to the one they replaced that still worked just fine but it wasn’t the best or the fastest anymore?? Where is it? Probably in the garbage. Maybe you were the 1 or 2 % that resold or recycled it but the odds are against you. Against us. Convenience is killing us.

When was the last time you actually read the labels on your laundry soap? Hand soap? Toothpaste? Make up?? Shampoo?? Why would you? I mean, if it’s on the store shelves it’s fine to use and have absorb into my bloodstream right?? WRONG!!!  .

There is an app that I used to absolutely LOVE. You could scan bar codes on your everyday products and it would give you it’s full label, ingredients list and a rating between 1 and 10. The toxicity scale. 1 being the best and 10 being the worst. I was floored when my favorite soaps and lotions came up a 9! A freaking 9 out of 10!! A seemingly endless list of toxic crap that I have been putting on my skin (and therefor into my bloodstream) multiple times a day for years! CONVENIENCE. It’s way easier to go into that colorful store and stock up on your seasonal favorites! I mean 4 for $20 how can you go wrong?!?! Pumpkin Spice. Sea Breeze. Cucumber Mint. Eucalyptus Dream. I had them all and I was poisoning myself.

Allergy Inducer

Hormone disruption



Possible respiratory discomfort


Skin irritation

And on..and on…..and on.

It was all there on the app THINK DIRTY. Appropriately named really. It (appears to have been) purchased by Proctor & Gamble* (Scope, Charmin, Secret, Vicks – just to name a few) and suddenly all the products I had previously scanned were coming up rated a 3 or 4. Ingredients were different and information was altered. So now we have a multi billion dollar company LYING to us!! I don’t even remotely understand how we got to this place of using products that people KNOW are doing terrible things to our bodies. Our systems. Our planet. Chemicals that have gone unapproved for decades are still being used in what you clean your home with!! We are using unapproved toxic crap to create shitty expensive products that are contributing to our over run medical system and general lack of respect for ourselves and this earth. We are slowly killing ourselves because we wanted CONVENIENCE. At our fingertips. Instant Gratification. A selfish society that wasn’t happy with what they already had, they wanted something better.

Now we are back pedaling. In the world of plastics, with pollution and energy and sustainable food!! We are back pedaling to save the world as we know it and that is fucked up. All because of CONVENIENCE.

So I read labels, what?? I read DIY recipes. I bought some ingredients of my own and have realized that not only does it not take long at all to make some every day products but it’s also CHEAP. When you go to the drugstore to buy a new makeup remover, for example, you pay about $10-$15 or more for something “decent” or $20 for something labelled organic. You spend that every couple of months easily. My makeup remover consists of distilled water ($3 for 4L), fractionated coconut oil ($18 for 473ml-don’t use the cooking kind!!) and I add 3 drops each of Lavender and Frankincense essential oils. I make it every month and I can change it up for what my skin needs. I have spent less than $20 in the last 2 YEARS to make this.

Now that THINK DIRTY is literally DIRTY – where can you find out what products are what?? I use You can look up that list of stuff you can’t pronounce. It’s pretty good. It’s time consuming to do your own research,  which is why convenience is winning. These big corporations are counting on us to continue being happy with the pretty labels of CONVENIENCE so they can keep making big money.

Don’t get me wrong, I am far from perfect. I am also not rich! I can’t throw out every single product at once and replace it all, that’s crazy! I am switching out products one at a time as the big Costco sized bottles run out! We are taking back control of what we are putting in our system. We are removing chemicals one bottle at a time from our homes and our lives. But at least now we know.

I challenge you. Pick ONE product you use every single day. Your Bounce sheets or Febreeze or hand soap, anything. Look it up on and then… BE BETTER and tell everyone you know.



*this app may have been purchased or sponsored by 1 or more large companies including but not limited to Proctor & Gamble.



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