Weather and anxiety. How do you get through the tough times?

Everyone loves sunshine and summer activities. There’s always time to sit outside and enjoy your family, nature and the weather! But what about the not so nice times?? What about the days with cold warnings and snowfall warnings and extreme frostbite warnings?? The don’t leave the house if you don’t absolutely have to days??

Do hearing those words make you unsettled? Nervous? Anxious? It happens to me. It happened to me last week.

I was heading to my new job on day 2 and the weather turned horrible. All I kept hearing was how bad the roads were, how many accidents had already happened and how many MORE they were predicting. I don’t need to hear how many MORE might happen! I pace trying to get ready. My breathing shortens and I get super butterflies in my chest. Axiety is a fickle beast. You don’t really know each and every time it may crop up amd ruin your day.

That evening at work was supppsed to be fun. I met new people during a live music event which is right up my alley. Instead of it being new friends and fun it was filled with…..

A feeling that can be hard to describe. The best I have found ( and this isn’t for every occurrence) is butterflies in my chest. It doesn’t immobilize me but it sure holds me back and turns me into a very introverted person that isn’t ready to shake anyone’s hand. Mostly because mine won’t stop sweating.

Weather and anxiety.

Weird right??

Not really.

Fear of accidents. Untrust of others on the road. Fear of not knowing what it’s like ahead. How bad could it be??

It was enough to make me uncomfortable in my own skin when I should have flourished. It changed everything about me

I wasn’t in control anymore and THAT is not cool. Instead of enjoying the music later into the evening I shuffled off home the minute I could to bury myself in warm blankets,  hot tea and my trusty essential oils.

I have a couple combos of oils that work for me. That help calm my insides down. I diffuse them. I roll them on in moments of need and I inhale deeply every chance I get. Cedarwood is one of my go to oils. It helps your brain produce melatonin. Melatonin makes you happy and it smells like the great outdoors on a sunny day.  How do you NOT want that?! Release is a Young Living blend that was formulated soecifically to help the limbic system (this is the part of the brain that stores emotions) release negative emotions. It’s berrylicious. Valor is a blend to help with courage. Keeping those 3 (and buckets more!!) On hand has certainly helped me keep my grasp.

Weather can certainly cause anxiety. And mood swings. And depression.

Screenshot_2019-02-06-17-28-23-1.pngBut only if we let it!

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